Soundbath for Yoga Spaces  

I went to a group crystal bowl meditation led by Katie, it was an amazing experience, she took the whole group on an wonderful journey, I felt so happy and open hearted afterwards, she is very gifted.
— Michael Manning- Brisbane
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Invite the restorative & transformational benefits of Sound to your studio

A sound meditation employs specially tuned, high-quality meditative instruments to create to an immersive sensory concert of sound and vibration for deep physical rest, retuning the energetics of our being, increase vitamin & mineral absorption, promotes instant calming of the nervous system.

When our body and mind are harmonised, our mind returns to a state of clarity, recreates our natural state of creativity, inner tranquility & reduces physical pain to natural ease and flow.

For thousands of years sound has been used as a meditative tool. The healing sound waves of these instruments penetrate every cell in our body and naturally slow down your brainwaves through a scientific process called "entrainment" to Alpha (relaxed) , Theta (meditative),and Delta (deep sleep) brainwave states.

Meditation is often perceived as a state one must study, learn and work hard to achieve- through Sound we are able to rapidly adjust our vibratory state of our mind into Theta (meditative state) - allowing a beautiful way in to experiencing natural bliss and joy by allowing the sound of High-frequency crystal intelligence embedded with Reiki (Energy Healing) energies which travel through sound waves to positively effect the energetic & physical bodies of those involved!

If you would like to experience the benefits of Sound Healing within your Yoga Studio for yourself and your wonderful Yogi’s I would love to connect and offer my passion to bring deeper states of calm, joy, creativity & harmony.