“The VAH system is based on the fact that every thing about you is carried in the sound of your voice – Your template of perfection, and every way that you, society and the environment might have distorted it since you were born.

Based on Detailed Research
The VAH system is based on more than 2 decades of research. Over many years of doing voice analyses on people with different issues, patterns of frequencies became apparent.

The Scientific Basis
Based on the research of Alfred Tomatis, “Every frequency is a nutrient.”  All the parts of the body, down to the cellular level, function at different frequencies.  If there is an imbalance, it can cause a wide range of issues.

You can lose frequencies in many ways:

  • Irritating Frequencies Growing Up - If you grow up with an irritating frequency (like a critical parent, or a refrigerator or fan) your ear actually turns that frequency down over time.  Then when you move out, you now are deficient in that frequency.

  • Physical Issues or Trauma – These can also create blockages in your system that don’t allow the free flow of frequencies through your system.

  • Emotional issues or Trauma - These can affect the balance of frequencies in your system.  It is like a stuck emotion or negative belief is a frequency that throws off the balance in your system.

  • Hearing Issues – Simple hearing loss can affect the nutrients that are getting into your body.  Based on the research of Alfred Tomatis your voice doesn’t make frequencies that you can’t hear (you can make them, but they don’t naturally come through your voice if you are not hearing them). 


The Remedy
The remedy is to play back the missing frequencies into the body to balance it out.  It is similar to vitamin therapy – if you are missing a vitamin in the body, you take that vitamin so you have a good balance of all frequencies in the body – so energy can then flow through your whole system. 

Toning (singing a vowel at that note) is even more effective than just listening to a song in the key you are missing. 

The basic idea is that every issue physically and emotionally is supported by a frequency landscape within your whole system. It doesn't mean that you actually have a certain issue when that landscape is present, but it could lead to that issue manifesting in your system. Your voice reflects that frequency landscape. By listening to sounds or music and/or toning in a certain key, you break up that frequency landscape and the issue can no longer exist. 


The Assessment
You speak into a microphone and the computer analyzes what notes you sing as you speak.  Everybody sings when they speak.  A healthy person hits all the notes of the scale when they sing as they speak.  A person who is dying stays on only one note as they speak… because they don’t have enough energy to make to the other notes.

The software then analyzes the sound of your voice to see what notes are missing, and what notes are too high.


The Treatment
We then give you a CD in the key of the notes that are missing in order to infuse them back into your system.  Ideally you listen to the 20 minute CD two or three times a day (It is very pleasant to listen to).  It is even more effective if you tone along with the CD (sing any vowel).  We also recommend colors to work with to help restore the balance.  

If you do a voice analysis after listening and toning to the CD you normally notice a difference in your voice analysis right away.

You can also use the program to test things in your environment to see if they are throwing you off balance or creating harmony. You can test foods, materials, colors, essential oils and flower essences. Often we find that what you need is not what you like. This is not always true -- often we know intuitively what we need. 

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The effectiveness is astounding. To check out what people are saying, go to: http://www.globerecording.com/VAH/testimonials.html 

Technology with a purpose for every individual- both practitioner and clients. I would love to offer this service to anyone interested in finding out where their health is via frequency patterns of the voice, as a musician I can also provide you with a personalised CD to listen to morning and night to allow your body to absorb the necessary missing frequencies back into your living, vibrating, energetic being!

  • Naturopathy Practice - Also a perfect add on for a Naturopathy practice as it helps to pin down exactly what is going on with the client so you can better choose specific natural remedies.

  • Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy - Especially helpful to identify and help resolve a variety of emotional issues. 

  • Essential Oils or Flower Essences - Very helpful to identify which oils are helpful and detrimental for the client. 


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