Bring Mindfulness + Sound Meditations to your workplace


In our modern culture, society is leaning more into recognising the need to adopt practices of mindfulness, health, holistic practices into the every day lives of the individual - creating space within the workplace to unwind, unplug and re-balance. Sound Meditations are prevalent in Corporate settings internationally, with great results in improving individual and team focus, heightened creativity and interpersonal communication. Sound supports the nervous system into a space of calm, dramatically reducing feelings of anxiety and nervous tension, effectively and easily altering brain-waves into an alpha, theta state to deep relaxation and meditation space- allowing the physical body to return to Homeostasis and pressing the re-set button- allowing the mind, body, spirit to realign - promoting heightened concentration and promoting feelings of internal joy.

Benefits of Sound Meditations:

  • Supporting the brainwaves into a Theta (meditative state) naturally through sound waves, with no need for experienced meditation skills

  • Ability to quiet the mind & allowing the body to deeply relax

  • Promoting a deeper awareness of self and others

  • heightened sense of clarity, compassion and communication

  • Release of unwanted cycling thought patterns/ demeaning habits

  • Easeful access to inner peace and calm

  • Significant decrease of anxiety, tension, depressive emotions

  • True elevation of mindset, a space to be fully unplugged and supported

  • Greater compassion and respect in team environment

  • Increased clarity, focus, co-operation, memory skills

Sessions involve:
Meditation- 30-60 min upright, seated or laying sound bath with light guided meditation to connect to the breath, release thoughts and drop into the body. Be immersed and ‘bathed’ in sonic sounds through the medium of Alchemy Crystal bowls, tuning forks, chimes and other harmonically resonant instruments tuned for healing. A calm, relaxed environment is created for individuals and collective team to release tension on a mental and physical level. Leaving the space and the team relaxed and centred, to continue their day with increased vitality, creativity, compassion and connection. Contact below for more information on how I can help you and your workplace feel supported with Sound Meditations.

” Katie took the team on an incredible sound meditation journey, from the comfort of our office space we were truly amazed at how quickly the mind diminished the rapid thoughts and the body felt relaxed. The day continued to be much lighter and productivity seemed much easier- the team are looking forward to having Katie at our space on a regular basis- thank you! “ - Jye Albert, CFO.