Sound Baths
Group Meditations
Private Healing Sessions
Health Consultations


Treat your guests to a completely different kind of experience for relaxing the nervous system, stress release, rejuvenating at a cellular level, natural endorphin boost & increasing vitality and joy.

It is my absolute passion and joy to share Soundbaths with those wishing to release, retune, relax and transform; the positive benefits are truly transformative and instantly tangible. My offering is a beautiful combination of Group Sound Meditations and Private Healing sessions via Sound Healing, Reiki and Aromatherapy. In addition, I offer Health Consultancy via a Diagnostic Tool called Vocal Analysis- where specific organs/ regions of the body are mapped through the voice for deficiencies/ excess/ disease & disharmony. A personalised CD with the individuals missing tones are created and gifted for a take-home continued experience for greater harmony and health. (Health Diagnostic takes only 10 minutes!)


Effortless calming of the mind

  • Significant lessening of anxiety and stress hormones, balancing the metabolic and digestive systems, and increasing the immune system

  • Reducing chronic pain, TMJ, migraines, lowering blood pressure, reducing cardiac disease, and other stress related physical issues

  • Improving sleep cycles and relieving insomnia

  • Managing depression through the release of natural opiates

  • Integrating emotional experiences and feeling an integrated sense of wholeness and connectedness to self and others

  • Simply lay and be immersed & supported - no talking or action require

  • Breaking free from stress, fear, loneliness & depression

  • Enhances self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-love and understanding

  • Increases optimism, relaxation & awareness to carry on making positive choices

  • Helps develop positive social connections, family connections, love connections

  • Improves your mood & emotional intelligence

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