What is Sound?


So you’ve heard about sound healing- however do you know what we mean by sound?

Vibrating waves around a equilibrium point

Vibrating waves around a equilibrium point

SOUND is a form of energy created by vibrations! So, hold up- what actually are vibrations?

VIBRATION means to oscillate back and forth (or up and down) about a point of equilibrium.. When the vibrations are high you’ll hear a high note - picture a tiny humming bird or a fly, it’s wings oscillate or vibrate back and forth rapidly, so quickly - producing a high sound or pitch. Conversely, the lower the sound waves, the lower the tone- think of the low roar of thunder.

This Sound Energy travels through the air and can permeate through solids, liquids and gases. The more vibration, the louder the sound, carrying more energy..

Breaking it down further- each sound contains multiple frequencies-
frequency is the number of complete cycles per second measured in the unit of hertz, Hz. If a current completes one cycle per second, then the frequency is 1 Hz; 60 cycles per second equals 60 Hz ..

So when we relate sound and music together, it’s incredible to understand that hearing one ‘set note’ we are in fact hearing as many as 30 frequencies..

So now we understand sound, created by vibrations, produces a certain note, or pitch, holds many frequencies.. that can travel through solids, liquids and gases — just like the Human Body!

How can this basic understanding lead to mind, body, soul transformation? The Science of Sound is an incredulous one, based on the Laws of Physics and wrapped up in the world of Spirit/ Consciousness..