Learn Reiki for yourself!

Reiki has truly been a miraculous discovery in my life- I first received the symbols in a dream space many years prior to hearing about “Reiki” - to my amazement I saw the symbol again whilst searching for alternative methods to relieving the chronic pain I was experiencing. Reiki Energies have truly changed my quality of life and perspective on the Collective, deepening my awareness and compassion for all life. The power to send Reiki Energy over distance for a set time in the future has brought a beautifully calm attitude toward events I would have previously perceived as nerve-wracking or stressful. I would love to facilitate any other human interested in developing their own connection with the Universe, anyone experiencing emotional, physical, mental pain, those who feel their calling is Energy Healing work at this time on the planet- power to the people! If you have had a sincere interest or felt the call in your life, I would love to chat! Much Love, Katie x

My journey with Reiki has been absolutely life-changing; the benefits surfacing within the internal and external worlds.
Reiki is passed from Master to student through the process called an ‘Attunement’ which allows the student to connect to the universal Reiki Source. Rei-Ki (Universal Life Force) This beautiful process allows you become a vessel of reiki, to move reiki energy for yourself and others.

In a reiki level 1 Attunement, students are attuned to three different symbols, which correlate to a unique aspect of reiki energy: Power, Mental/Emotional balance- Reiki Level 2 provides the symbol to send via Distance through Quantum field. The Science for this can be found here! Each student receives attunements to these 3 symbols four separate times, and with each repetition the connection deepens


What’s involved Reiki Level 1 & 2

  • Initial conversation around your desires to learn Reiki

  • History and Background of Reiki

  • A beautiful Reiki & Sound treatment

  • Learning the Symbols

  • First Attunement

  • Nourishing Lunch

  • Second Attunement

  • Practicing the new energies

  • Third Attunement

  • Space to contemplate & reflect & integrate

  • On going support on your journey

  • Take home material


Feel free to direct any desires or questions to katherine_jameson@hotmail.com - Am always happy discussing all things Energy, Sound, Frequency, Healing !