Personal Sound Healing CD

Personal Sound Healing CD


As a professional musician and composer- I love connecting humans with their emotions through sound. As a Sound Therapist I understand which frequencies, rhythms, harmonics, instrumentation fits best with an array of emotional & health circumstances. Specifically imbedded with Reiki Healing, all Sound Healing CD’s come with a short conversation around your health needs and the CD will be created specifically for you, with love.

Crystal Singing Bowls, Chimes, Gong, Piano, Drones, Sacred Voice, and many other instruments/ frequencies . Sent digitally.

Music has the power to connect one to their soul, to clear the energy systems of stagnant energies, feed the landscape any missing frequencies- just as we absorb an array of minerals + vitamins from food- so too does the body need a complete spectrum of frequencies. Helpful for specific diseases or simply to increase vitality in bouts of depression or anxiety- a personalised sound healing CD will be great for your meditation practice or simply to surrender to the moment and listen, connect, feel and BE.

Always with love!

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