Learn Reiki 1

Learn Reiki 1


Reiki 1 is a fabulous way to become aware of your own energy body.
The session begins with a conversation around your desires to engage with Energy work!
Then an Energy Alignment session with Reiki & Sound!
A Health Diagnosis is taken from your Voice Print- where we find the energies out of balance within your system and create a workbook around self- regenerating and healing from within!

REIKI 1: 4 attunements of one symbol.
Laying in a comfortable relaxed position, I deliver the Reiki 1 symbol over your main energy centres, placing in your aura and attuning your frequency to Divine Masculine (Dr Usui) and Divine Feminine (Senjukannon Reiki) energies

Some report feelings of warmth, loving sensations, calm, bliss, energising, floaty feelings. I will hold the space for you to receive and we will work through this together!

REIKI 1 - is simply opening up your energetic pathways, beginner level.
REIKI 2 allows you to work as a practitioner - sending energy via distance and time!

Each session lasts for around 2.5 hours

Included is
- Healing Session
- Attunement
- Reiki Manual
- Personal Workbook
- Lunch
- Ongoing support
- Practicing The Energies

Bring- Comfy clothes, your favourite crystals, open mind and heart!

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