Initial Consult & Therapy Treatment

Initial Consult & Therapy Treatment


Initial Consult:

-Deciphering together the blockages, limitations through the mental, emotional, physical bodies.
-Vocal Analysis to find the deficient frequencies of your system, relating to organ health and psycho-emotional behaviours
- Sound Healing via Tuning Forks to retune energetic systems and meridian pathways
- Energy Alignment to bring back into balance

Reiki & Sound Healing Modalities can positively affect your emotional space, physical pains, mental worries and spiritual ‘concerns’— However one session is just the beginning..

To see real results it is highly recommended for minimum of 3 sessions within a 6 week time-frame, more if necessary depending on current disposition and your goals!

Once you book a session we will organise a time for the session- For distance a time depending on Time Zones can be arranged suitable for both yourself and I .

Thank you!

24 hour Cancellation Policy

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