Energy support for Endometriosis



Reiki and Sound Therapy are powerful and effective modalities to bring a sense of calm, pain-relief and Energetic support to those experiencing life-altering effects of Endometriosis.

Let’s face it- it’s rough. Life-altering chronic pain is never easy to cope with, placing extra stress on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Energetic abilities to live life to the full.

Chronic Pain hugely affects ones Mental Health;
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Fear/ Worry
- Isolation/ Loneliness
- Feelings of being misunderstood

Endometriosis has been one, amongst many health challenges I have faced in this life- I truly believe any type of chronic pain is a call to search deeper inside oneself-
I would genuinely love to provide a loving, nurturing space for anyone experiencing Endometriosis or any womb related pain, as I know the pains and I have experienced the life-changing benefits of Reiki and Sound Healing (amongst many other beneficial modalities I would highly recommend!) Sessions will leave you grounded and centred, empowered and supported to move through the world with a little more ease.