About Katie

Hello! I’m Katie, a Reiki Master and Sound Therapist located in Brisbane, Australia. I offer 1:1 therapy sessions from my beautiful home in Bardon & Haiku Arts studio in West End. Reiki & Sound Healing sessions are also available via Distance on skype, allowing me to work internationally with a range of clients. I run group Sound Meditation/ Sound Bath sessions within a workplace, yoga studio, in-home settings for adults, children, mums and bubs.

The sessions I offer utilize Reiki (Divine Feminine and Masculine) energy channels, Vibrational Medicine through a range of powerful Sound Healing instruments and a Diagnostic Tool called Vocal Analysis.

Energy Healing has been a natural gift, further developed by intensive studies with internationally renowned masters of the Reiki & Sound Healing Fields. I begun my life deeply engrossed in Classical Music; I am a professional Pianist/ Clarinetist and Composer- my work can be found here- This deep passion and extensive knowledge of music and theory allowed me to teach within the schooling system and private tutoring. I then left Australia to explore myself and the world, travelling extensively for 5 years, engaging in a range of various Health Modalities as promoted by my own Health issues. I believe my therapy style to be supported by first-hand experience with life-threatening illness and chronic pain to which I have successfully healed from within, in conjunction with my deep knowledge of the Esoteric Anatomy of humans.


I am a Music Teacher, successfully completed all Levels of Reiki and Reiki Master over the course of 3 years, a certified Yoga Teacher with the School of Healing Arts, undergone training in Emotional Anatomy with Soul Space, Brisbane. I graduated from The Globe Institute of Sound Healing after intensive studies in San Francisco and I am a certified Vocal Analysis Consultant with incredible top of the range Instruments and state of the art diagnostic program called Vocal Harmony Analysis. The training I have received has been with the greatest of these fields, David Gibson, Carmel Glenane of Atlantis Rising School and Randy Masters. I continue to connect with such leaders and am furthering my studies in both Science and Spirit- involving in Psychic Development Courses with Dr. Lauren Cielo, Meditation Facilitator and Quantum Physics studies in Vibrational Medicine. I am currently working towards bringing Reiki and Sound Therapy into a Hospital context within Australia.

The therapy I offer is intuitive, warm, caring and powerfully attuned to the energetic needs of the client. Sessions include Reiki, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy and I highly recommend sessions to be taken for a minimum of three sessions- I also teach Reiki 1 and 2, for those wishing to become attuned to Reiki Energy for the health and holistic wealth of self and for others. I simply act as a facilitator to create space, encouraging you to ask the right questions toward your own healing and health journey- all healing is done from within. I understand life often only stands still when we have been forced to slow down or press pause, faced with emotional, physical, mental strain and pain from years of ‘going, going, going’, ‘doing, doing, doing’. My role is to get you in touch with the deeper aspects of yourself, your true nature and your essence, spirit, soul. Sometimes this can take time, it can be rapid, it’s all depending on ones desire to connect and belief in the process. It’s also about surrendering to what is, the higher forces working within, without, around. Humans are truly incredibly powerful conductors of change, growth, healing, vitality- the intention to do the inner work is our most important role here on Earth.


My  personal mission

I feel the path to this life is to follow your truth and share your knowledge and light. My aim for this life is to combine my love and knowledge for music/sound and understanding of energy to create a brighter future for humanity. I would love to see the rise of Sound as a pertinent part of healing, recovery, transformation in the Western World. Connecting the bridge between the variety of realms existing in each reality on this earth, I'd love to merge science and spirituality to an all-encompassing space where awareness has spread to knowing within each of our individual and collective perspectives. It is also important to note that I do not believe beings need ‘fixing’ ‘curing’ rather they sit and take time to ask the right questions before putting labels of ‘disease’ - I urge those I work with to zoom out and have a larger perspective of time and their role here on this planet. To understand that each challenge brings us to a new awareness of self- awareness of awareness as that’s all we are- AWARENESS OF LIFE EXPERIENCING ITSELF. The physical pains are merely letting us know where we’re at on an emotional and spiritual level. The ultimate goal is to integrate our spirit and soul into this physical vessel- this takes time, it takes readjusting, shifting, releasing, forming new patterns of behaviour and mindsets. New beliefs (not new, just not adopted beliefs from others, rather authentic to our own selves)


I am not a Medical Doctor. I do not wish to replace any physician or health consultant, my role is purely to provide insights into the holistic nature (body, mind, soul, spirit) of this reality. I am simply here to connect you deeper with yourself, to provide space for deep inquiry and healing through Putative + Veritable Energy modalities and Sound. I come in peace and reverence for all on their path and request the same in return.

By booking in with any service with me, you have agreed to these terms and conditions. Thank you.