Hi there!



I am Katherine, an Australian classical pianist/ composer and Reiki / sound healing therapist. 

I've created this website as a space to collaborate my passions in life and have a starting point for people to understand who I am and what services I offer. 

I currently teach classical piano/ clarinet/ theory and composition to humans young and (not so) young. 

I also practice Reiki (energy healing) work and sound healing. 

Having studied music at UQ I realised the general schooling system was not one I wanted to remain in for long. I swiftly moved overseas living in Canada and travelling for 5+ years throughout parts of Europe, Central America, South America, a hot stint in Iceland. I realised through expansion of my perception of the world and on-going battles with various health ailments that the sweeter things in life are worth working towards and sharing with others. This to me means understanding humans on a very grounded and also multidimensional level. Acceptance and understanding each persons journey is the greatest pleasure, along side facilitating a supported expansion of that journey. I believe in the healing powers of music and energy centres.  

I am currently studying Alternative Therapies and Holistic Counselling. My dream is to give a life to healing humanity on an individual and global level! 


Alongside this, music