Katherine Jameson
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Welcome to deep calm, relaxation & healing …


If you are struggling with; - Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Endometriosis, Infertility, Chronic Pain, Broken bones, PTSD, Ascension Symptoms —
contact me now for a free 10 min consultation for how I can help you feel relaxed, restored and Energised!


Bespoke Music Albums for you

Let me create you a beautiful album for relaxation, tailored to your specific health needs!

Sound Healing

Sound Healing allows the Vibrations of beautiful organic instruments to re-tune your being, leaving you relaxed, calm & healing at the cellular level. Group sessions or 1:1, Sound Healing has an offering for all.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Energy is the Universal Life Force which keeps all of our beings running, allowing us to feel great! When we feel run down- we have somehow disconnected from this source of health. Reiki Energy will leave you feeling recharged, rebalanced and enable you to continue living your daily best.


I went to a group crystal bowl meditation led by Katie, it was an amazing experience, she took the whole group on an wonderful journey, I felt so happy and open hearted afterwards, she is very gifted.Michael Manning, Brisbane
— Michael Manning, Brisbane
I found my Reiki from Katie most nourishing, nurturing, intuitive and healing.
katie held an incredibly gentle but powerful space that allowed me to feel comfortable, at ease to receive and enjoy my beautiful reiki, and I left with some beautiful words to continue the healing with!
Thanks Katie
— Angela Spadavecchia, Sunshine Coast
My Reiki and Sound Healing session with Katie was powerfully gentle and extremely uplifting. The pain, stiffness, and uncertainty surrounding my fractured metacarpal was greatly relieved and I felt generally more centred and grounded after my treatment. Thank you Katie Jane.
— Sally Smith, Brisbane